Yesterday, a video broke out on the internet about a guy who went into a BBNaija voting centre for Nengi fans to vote Laycon and got assaulted.

Here’s the video:

First thoughts: There are BBNaija voting centres? What happens in these centres if everyone just votes from their phones. Non BBNaija fans need more clarity on this.

Secondly, what do they mean he was ‘caught’ voting for Laycon. The word ‘caught’ is used for thieves and Nigerian politicians. But then again, if you watch the way he’s being beaten in the video you’d be convinced he’s a thief.,

This woman gave us some more clarity on the situation:

Look at the theatrics at the end of this video and tell me that this is normal. And does this guy even have any sense? He’s literally in a room filled with people who just finished beating him and he’s still trying to fight.

I don’t think any of this is real.

Anyway, he explains himself: confesses:

This is the typical confession video of a petty thief caught in a Nigerian market. They beat him so bad he said he went to buy “body pain” to make himself feel better. They even collected all his money.

So I’m asking, is this a normal BBNaija thing or did we just witness a glitch in the matrix?

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