Once again, my coworkers have shown normalcy is beyond far from us. Our resident Christopher Columbus, Dami, said something about Nollywood YouTube titles being the stuff from a fever dream.

So today, I went down a rabbit hole on Youtube and found all the wild AF titles for your viewing pleasure.

These titles should make me pissed, but they’re just so fucking stupid

Yes, it is by force

No, the titles and covers have absolutely nothing to do with either film. But whoever put them together must have obviously thought himself a marketing genius.

It’s giving destiny

Can she please send me the number she dialed? I want to check something.

I just want to know if it worked out for this billionaire man person

The amount of “She didn’t know he’s a bilionaire pretending to be a poor (insert menial job)” on youtube is ridiculous, and while I’m all in support of delusion, this one is delusion’s older sister, Imagination. Imagination wan finish everybody. 

Stranger danger has left the chat

I’m just going to IGNORE the horrible Photoshop job and the lack of self-care and awareness in both the title and poster.

God when?!!!!

If this is how billionaires are just roaming the streets looking for whose life to change, please, I’m available and ready.

Will something shocking actually happen?

In Nollywood, good must always prevail. They need to start letting the evil step-sister take the man and keep him. Actually shock us for once.

*Plays Brick and Lace – Love is wicked*

If she’s already ended his life, who’s telling us this story?

Cinderella takes Nnewi

ANOTHER Nigerian version of Cinderella? I’m here for it.

Master Jesus in action!!

The title is giving testimony time, overcomers time, and if the running time of the film is any indication, she’ll definitely need like 30 minutes to tell her story.

Hybrids deserve love too

I just want to know what his other half is because it could be anything from a fish to a werewolf from this poster.

Mummy, I too want to be a Fuman juice

I need all the maidens to take several seats because it can never be worth it.

What is love without money? 

I completely understand where she’s coming from. How am I supposed to know your love for me is true if you haven’t dropped a stack and bought me a Tesla?

Wisdom is profitable to direct

I’m on the side of the village wife, forward ever, backward never.



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