How To Dance Like Drake: 10 Funniest Moves From The ‘Hotline Bling’ Video

Yesterday, Drake dropped the video for his addictive hit song ‘Hotline Bling’ and the whole world cannot stop talking about it!

Why? Well the 6 god gave his fans (and haters) a video that has inspired the most amusing dancing memes since Kanye Dancing and Beyonce Always On Beat.

And whether you love or hate Drake, this video will seriously entertain you and here’s why:

It has the most attractive call-centre you’ve ever seen.

But let’s try and  forget the hot girls for a second, it’s really the dancing that’s a must-see!

1. Drake presents the ‘imaginary grind and caress’ dance move.

2. The ‘use the booty as your pillow’ move.

3. Drake dancing the Merengue.

4. Drake’s 2-step.

5. Drake’s ‘Shakitibobo’ (Part 1).

6. Drake’s ‘Shakitibobo’ (Part 2).

7. Drake’s ‘Shimmy’.

8. Drake recreating a Sean Paul Video.

9. Drake’s ‘Call Me On My Cellphone’ dance move.

10. Drake reminding everyone that he’s always number one.

Singer-songwriter, actor, rapper, producer, destroyer of Meek Mill’s rap cred and now dancer. They don’t call him the 6 god for no reason.

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