Has Your Life Changed Since Drake Became Hot?

August 1, 2015

Y’all remember Drake? Yeah. He sang “The Motto”, “Best I ever had”, “Hold on we’re going home” and all those fire break up rap albums.

And we all knew him as the light skinned boy next door who kept getting with other nigga girls. He was good looking, you know. Like this:

Handsome — but not hot:

via MTV

Unobtrusively cute Jewish boy, with slight fashion challenges:

via BillBoard

So when new pictures of Drake surfaced, I was like WHAT?!

via Twitter

Why is Drake looking so hot?!

via watchcloud

Why’s Drake looking like Arab money?

via Twitter

Repeat after me: “Drake is DADDY!”

It’s the beard…

via Twitter

…and the abs.

via Twitter

Even Justin Bieber noticed.

via Instagram


This is the summary of how we all feel:

If you’re a guy reading this, use Drake as a reference in your glo’ up prayer. Because if you’re reading this, Drake Made It!

via Twitter

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