If you’ve watched the Big Brother Naija show, you’ll know that they set the standard for partying. There are parties, and there are #BBNaija parties. And here’s why we think everyone needs to experience a #BBNaija party once in their life.


Housemates’ outfits for BBNaija parties always give! The clothes are always so unique and creative with silky smooth styles, especially when they’re in line with a theme. It’s like playing dress-up. Please, sign us up!

Bomb music

We don’t know how Big Brother always manages to find top-tier DJs that’ll make you lose home training and scatter legwork on the dance floor. Even us,  we’re always dancing in front of our TVs, because the music do usually be fire. One minute you’re dancing to Sungba, next, you’re dancing to Awilo. Abeg, is there any way we can attend this Saturday’s party?  

Themed parties 

You can never get tired of partying when every week there’s a different theme. It makes you feel like you’re at a different party, turning up with the same lit people. One of our faves so far was the Guinness Smooth “rep your style” party, which gave the housemates the chance to be creative with their own outfits. 

Free drinks

Saturday parties with free drinks? Lagosians are shaking. Everyone knows it’s not a celebration without premium beer. So who wouldn’t want to attend a party where you have access to FREE cans of Guinness smooth? Me leave? Never!!!. Biggie would have to tell his bouncers to carry us out.

Good vibes

Saturday parties are the one day we’re sure the housemates just want a good time and smooth-flowing vibes. So they put aside the tension of eviction and petty quarrels to focus on living in that moment. With great music and fly outfits, it’s easier for the housemates to enjoy themselves.

After-party drama 

Having fun at the party is important, but you see that gossip about all the things that happened at the party? Very key. Because how else do you want to know who danced with who, who was jealous about what, and all the other gists you may have missed?

Party squads

If you think solo parties are fun, you should try partying with your squad. You get to dance, drink and just vibe together. BBNaija has given us solid party gengs this year: Modella and Doyin party duo, Hermes and Eloswag, Phyna and Guinness smooth, etc.

Don’t miss out on the smooth experience this weekend, as your faves show their unique style even as they party with the Guinness smooth squad @Guinnessngr. Join the conversation by using the hashtags #GuinnessSmoothNG and #BBNaijaGuinnessSmooth.


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