There’s so much music out there that it’s hard for even the most loyal fans to stay up with their favourite artists or what’s new and hot right now. That’s why we’ve created #BumpThis – a daily series that features the one song you need to listen to, every day. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

For a while, it felt like Damini Ogulu was taking too long to become Burna Boy. The rebellions and ill-advised outbursts of his hyper-masculine rockstar-archetype showed up and far too often.

He alludes to this exuberance on “Anybody”, his newest release, as well; the hook is basically an invitation to deal with your haters in whatever way you wish. “Anybody wey no soji, nack am something“, Burna advises. But this time, his energies are gratefully going where they belong – into his art.

Since January 2018, Burna Boy has put out 5 No 1. hits – “Ye”, “Gbona”, “On The Low”, “Dangote” and “Killin’ Dem” – his streak of dominance is not in doubt. And he continues to hold the game in a headlock on his newest release. With dense drums that will definitely tug at your waistline, “Anybody” is a song that asks you to surrender to its vibe. You may be reluctant at the first listen, but you’ll spin it till you’re sold.

I don charge my energy, I no get time for no enemies” – Burna is a place where he’s focused on having a good time to the exclusion of all the inevitable noise that has plagued him since the early years.

The song is as merry as Burna gets, and the music video passes this mirth across. Neon and strobe lights complement Burna as he shows off just how mean his Zanku has gotten since “Killin’ Dem”.

His Fela necklace also makes its video debut. It is fitting for a song that shows why Burna is perhaps the only one who can merge afrobeat so seamlessly into contemporary Afropop. Horns drive the song and the hook will remind you of Fela’s knack for crafting sing-along hooks in pidgin English that are as militant as they are jolly.

This one will grow on you until it’s a member of your nuclear family. You’re better off not fighting it.


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