#BumpThis: Crayon’s “Bamiloke”

July 16, 2019

There’s so much music out there that it’s hard for even the most loyal fans to stay up with their favourite artists or what’s new and hot right now. That’s why we’ve created #BumpThis – a daily series that features the one song you need to listen to, every day. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

Before Rema became everyone’s darling, Mavin had a reputation for grand artist unveils. Just months after Rema became the most recent beneficiary of that platform, Don Jazzy’s machine has unveiled a new team member: Crayon.

As with Rema, the Afropop newbie was introduced with his own EP. Titled “Cray Cray”, the project is described as a colourful slice of Afropop in promotional material. It sounds as described – with a raw tinge to Crayon’s singing.

On “Bamiloke”, however, the rookie punches in the more technical aspects of Afropop and an upbeat sound that the label he calls home is known for. The song which is another typical hustle/dance anthem is dotted with a few eccentric references to local pseudo-proverbial sayings.

The production by Mavin’s in-house beatsmith, BabyFresh is so energetic that the song sounds like the soundtrack to a party scene. It’s why Crayon deserves credit for pulling it all together. He effortlessly keeps up with a very tasking tempo, with songwriting that is easy on the ears and made for you to sing along to.

The Mavins aren’t playing this year and we’re here for all of it.

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