When Chichi won head of house and had the power to save two housemates, everyone thought this was the twist that’d kill the show. From how the week went, we agree. 

Chichi wins head of house 

Chichi’s win couldn’t have come at a better time because she secured a spot on the finals. And Biggie said, in addition to immunity from evictions, she got to pick two housemates to go straight to the finale. 

Housemates’ pitching session 

In line with Big Brother’s directives, each housemate had to prepare a pitch to convince Chichi why she should pick them. 

But the housemates seemed to think she already had her options in mind, so they didn’t put pressure. 

Daniella and Phyna secure their spot in the finale

While Daniella’s pitch seemed to have struck a nerve with Chichi, Phyna could’ve just stood there and Chichi would still have chosen her because she saved Chichi the previous week. 

Bella and Chichi fight

The housemates still found time to fight when they weren’t spending all their time sleeping. Chichi was upset Bella kept interrupting her as she was trying to discuss plans for the wager. As usual, there was a lot of back and forth, and Bella said Chichi couldn’t talk to her anyhow because she was head of house. Okay oo.

The housemates lose their wager 

And nobody took it harder than Chichi who was convinced the housemates had sabotaged themselves because she was head of house. Can you really blame her? They spent half the time sleeping and just being lazy about rehearsals. 

Shella breaks up… then gets back together 

The couple seemed to have both come to a mutual conclusion that the constant bickering was draining, so they called it quits. Only to turn around and make up that same day. 

A special treat for the housemates

Even though the housemates lost their wager, Biggie prepared a special treat for them at the level three house. And everyone but Chichi, who was still down about losing the wager, took the opportunity to bond through the truth or dare games they were playing. 

Chizzy and Phyna fight

Phyna completely lost it when Chizzy accused her of trying to talk for Groovy. We didn’t think it was that deep but Phyna spent the entire morning raining abuses on Chizzy, calling him local and warning him to never cross her again. 

Trouble in the Groophy ship

Phyna spent a good part of the week trying to confirm where she stood in her relationship with Groovy, he seemed very evasive and said he wanted to get to know her outside the house. Someone play us Ckay’s WATAWI

Groovy, Sheggz and Hermes are evicted 

The audience seemed sad about Hermes’eviction, but you see, with Mr Ikoyi? The jokes about his arrival causing traffic didn’t stop and some even went as far as saying Monday should be declared a public holiday. 

Bella and Phyna bond 

After Biggie took their men, Bella and Phyna seemed to form an alliance. But for some reason, their conversation was centred around Chichi who Phyna claimed had eyes for Groovy. Bella claimed Chichi was the reason they always put Phyna up when they were in level one. AH! 

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