Big Brother has been giving us drama back to back. If you missed it, here are some of the funniest moments so far. Believe us, it’s peak sass and entertainment.

1. Eric fighting for food immediately after Lilo was evicted.

The first time Eric came to this world, e be like say na hunger kill am. That man’s zeal for food is unmatched. They just evicted your siamese twin and the next thing you do is struggle for food? Omo. He didn’t even take a cue from the alumnus.

2. Lilo’s eviction

Mama was confident that she won’t go home. She no even dress up. Trust Twitter users to talk. Someone said she will meet Sallah ram at home.

3. Physical attraction vs Mental attraction

See ehn, we feel sorry for Laycon oh, but let us say the truth: even Laycon himself will fall for Kiddwaya if the circumstances are different. No be Nigeria wey we dey? Who mental attraction help, dear? Mental attraction, best graduating student will collect mug. Abeg, ehn. Attract me with money.

4. Ozo choosing Dorathy as Deputy HOH but still going to beg Nengi

Ozo is the kind of man who will cheat on his wife with the excuse of “It’s you I love. I just married my wife because of my family.” Ozo, interim head of Shalaye FC.

5. Laycon’s side eye when Erica & Kidd are doing their shenanigans

That side eye was fire. If looks could kill, hmm, let us keep quiet sha.

6. The entire Laycon-Erica-Kiddwaya love triangle or situationship

Just when we think Erica is done with Laycon, mama go renew her subscription and throw our mans into confusion. Erica stay one place, stop confusing the thunder, dear.

This year’s Big Brother Naija has the hottest drama. If you keep waiting for people to bring you the gist, you don’t know what you are missing.

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