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The 12 signs of the zodiac, or star signs, are a crucial part of any astrologer’s toolkit, with each one holding its own characteristics and approach to life. Humans have used them at least since the time of Ancient Egypt when the two philosophies of astrology and astronomy were intertwined, and scientists and philosophers looked to the skies for the answers to life’s questions. 

Nowadays, the signs don’t hold much credibility as proven scientific theories, but astrologers still use them to advise their clients on what they think the future holds. 

Each sign has its own traits – people with fire signs, like Leo, are supposed to be passionate, while air signs, Gemini for example, are naturally curious. It’s interesting, then, when people in the public eye represent the very characteristics their star signs portray – here are six of the best.

Leo – Kylie Jenner

If reality TV isn’t your thing, then you may not know who Kylie Jenner is, or even care. If you are, though, then you’ll know that she is a typical Leo: confident, vibrant…and often self-obsessed.

Some might say these traits helped to make her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at the age of 21, although her privileged background – her mom is a former Mrs Kardashian – surely helps.

Still, the young Jenner has had to show her lion-esque skills to make it to the top of the reality TV world: something that fellow Leos might recognize. 

Scorpio – Bill Gates

Scorpios are said to hold two traits that are the perfect mix – a love of taking risks, but the ability to make smart decisions. While this can pay off when playing for fun, like winning a poker hand, for example, it’s also useful for big business decisions.

Just ask Bill Gates. As a 20-year-old, he dropped out of Harvard to risk everything on his first software company, which later became Microsoft. It was the first in a series of calculated risks that he took on his way to heading one of the most successful companies of all time, and it reflects what astrologers say is a typical Scorpio personality: confident, clever and courageous enough to take a risk when needed.

The downside is that a Scorpio often has trouble knowing when to stop, a tendency that can lead to issues like problem gambling, but may also explain why Gates has amassed a fortune of well over $100 billion over his career.

Aquarius – Harry Styles

Let’s look at those typical Aquarian traits and compare them to former One Direction member Harry Styles.

  1. In touch with their feelings – Harry has often cried while performing onstage.
  2. Always thinks of others – he frequently promotes good causes, including flying the LBGT flag at his shows.
  3. Has an original mindset – the star has repeatedly reinvented himself: as a boyband member, a glam rocker and an acoustic performer, to name just three.

As 1D’s unofficial spokesman, he also showed that Aquarian feature of being assertive, perhaps without even realizing it. When the band split up, Styles was the one who fielded the most questions from an excited media, showing his sign’s tendency towards stepping up to the plate. Other celebrity Aquarians include Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys and Shakira, so he’s in good company.

Capricorn – Michelle Obama

Capricorn’s unique mix of understated qualities – being realistic, humble, and practical – and a sense of ambition suit Michelle Obama perfectly.

She took her role as First Lady extremely seriously: working hard behind the scenes to help her husband perform one of the most difficult jobs in the world. At the same time, she became one of the world’s most inspirational figures, offering guidance to millions of people with her wisdom.

Capricorns are also famously stubborn, so when the Obama presidency faced criticism, Michelle remained steadfast and, rightly or wrongly, never diverged from her beliefs. 

Scorpio – Leonardo Di Caprio

While Leo Di Caprio shares Bill Gates’ Scorpio traits of being confident and smart – people rarely make it in Hollywood without those – he took risks in different ways. 

At the age of 19 after appearing in several flops, he agreed to play a mentally impaired teenager in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Taking on such a challenging role could have easily backfired for the young actor and even ended his short Hollywood career, but his award-winning performance helped the film become a smash. His performance, alongside Johnny Depp, helped propel him to stardom.

Di Caprio also has a well-known sense of mischief, a Scorpian attribute that has landed him in trouble several times throughout his career. 

Pisces – Rihanna

Pisces are known for their creative talent and ability to collaborate, which may suggest why Rihanna is one of the most successful female stars of all time, working with a string of superstars. Her easy-going attitude is another Piscean trait, making working with her easy, and her fanbase of millions probably sense this without having met her. 

The last sign of the zodiac also has a very strong sense of self – Pisceans aren’t concerned what other people think of them and Rihanna has shown this in the past, frequently saying that she doesn’t care that her body weight fluctuates — in fact, she rather likes it. 


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