A lot has happened in this season of BBNaija. We all thought the show was going to be boring in comparison to past seasons, but the housemates have amped up the drama and keep bringing entertainment to our screens. Here are some of our favourite tweets chronicling this week’s events on BBNaija.

1. Big Brother clearing Maria and defending Angel.

Please inject this in my veins!. The ”boys will always be boys” statement Maria made in an attempt to slut-shame Angel was quickly dismissed when Biggie came to Angel’s defence. We live for more moments like this on the show.

2. Saskay vs Sleeping Beauty.

In a battle between Saskay and Sleeping Beauty, we are very sure Saskay will win. Aurora has nothing on Saskay. Homegirl dey sleep die.

3. Micheal defending Angel.

If you pay close attention to the show, you’d have noticed the intense slut-shaming Angel has received from both male and female housemates. Anyway, Angel Micheal came to her defence this week too.

4. White Money enjoying himself and entertaining the viewers as usual.

Pere, you’ve heard the man. You have only 24hrs to respond.

5. Pere’s poor attempt at intimidating White Money.

The blowout on Monday was a poor attempt at intimidating White Money. Pere needs to explain what he has against everyone’s favourite net-singlet-loving Igbo man.

6. Cross and Emmanuel trying to figure out Pere’s behaviour.

Pere’s behaviour was totally silly and uncalled for, so Cross calling him demonic was good content for the viewers. It was refreshing seeing men stand up against the silly behaviour of other men.

7. The Atlantic ocean is not big enough for all the ships in this house.

So many ships with no directions. We wonder which one will be the first to go the way of the Titanic.

8. LOOOOL. Not Big Brother broke-shaming JMK.

JMK has not brought in as much content as she promised us, but this was a moment worth documenting. We love Big Brother for his witty comebacks this season.

9. Saga doing something else other than suffocating Nini with love.

It’s nice seeing Saga having a good time with other housemates. Nini sef needs to rest.

10. Not Paleficient please (Internal scream).

Pere and Maria are not exactly good vibes, but this is the funniest one so far.

11. Jackie and Maria. (Ofcourse, Maria is gossiping)

Jackie has not really shown us a lot of content. Her body is mad sha and she is a serious gossip.

Sai Baba, please unban Twitter. Your kids are begging.


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