Zikoko Podcast Episode 2: Nigerian Tailors and “Yes ma, I can sew it”

June 19, 2016
Another day, another Zikoko podcast! This week we delve into 4 topics:

1. The tragic Orlando Massacre and America’s love for guns.

On June 12 2016, Omar Mateen took the lives of 49 innocent people and injured 53 others in a mass shooting at an LGBT club in Orlando, Florida. Yet many Americans are against gun control, believing everyone has the right to keep and own a gun based on their 2nd amendment right.

2. Americans and their attempt at the ‘African accent’ in Hollywood movies etc.

Zikoko writers have discussed this topic extensively. We wrote about Will Smith’s accent in the movie Concussion (based on Nigerian Dr. Bennet Omalu) and recently wrote a post on K.Michelle’s ‘speaking Nigerian‘. But it seems we have to keep talking about it because Hollywood won’t hear word.

3. Nigerian Tailors and “Yes ma, I can sew it”.

This doesn’t need much introduction, Nigerian tailors are the real enemies of progress. Just say you can’t sew the cloth. Stop destroying people’s dreams and aspirations please.

4. And finally, how tired of adulthood are you?

Being an adult is hard enough, but being an adult in Nigeria? Bruhhhhh…

Anyway, enough explanation. Listen to the podcast here and be blessed!:

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