Also: People use lemon water as a contraceptive?

3 September,

Hey, you. I want to sue NEPA/PHCN (or is it NERC? I can’t keep track). Anyways, they disconnected my light illegally because they assumed I wasn’t paying my bills (I use a prepaid meter) and didn’t bother to come in to check before carting the wires away.

I need a lawyer, please. This may just be how I blow and finally get freedom from capitalism.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist-ish: How Opening My Marriage Changed My Life

The subject of this Sex Life is a 30-year-old queer woman who, after agreeing to an open marriage, realised she is primarily attracted to women. She talks about coming out to her husband and embracing her new reality.

What was your first sexual experience?

I was 13, and it was with my best friend. We were in JSS 3. One day, we were talking about boy problems, and we just started kissing. From then on, we met in the same spot almost every day to make out. The crazy thing is: we never actually acknowledged it.

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People actually use these weird things as contraceptives

I can only assume that the people who recommended the “climb stairs” method expect people to jump up immediately after sex and look for the nearest duplex.

Operation avoid pregnancy

How to survive a job you hate

I know you can relate. So, instead of grumbling every day, use these life hacks brought to you by Zikoko, the overraw best in giving life advice.

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Stop beating police officers, said the Inspector-General

Not to condone assault of any kind, but my first thought reading this was, “so you guys now know how it feels, yeah?”

They said you people shouldn’t fight

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Plan a First Date, and We’ll Guess Your Future Partner’s Initials

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