Also: Nigerian women, we know what’s in your BDSM kits.

1 September,

Hey, you. I’m happy to announce that World Garri Day is happening, and I’m making sure Zikoko leads by example and gives us a day off.

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The Inside Gist: We Didn’t Need Phones, We Had Love

Hii Itohan. I’m curious, whose parents did you hijack for this story?

LMAO. They’re actually my partner’s parents, and they’re the absolute cutest.

Ohh okay. But I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they managed long-distance in a no-phones era.

Do you get?! The only reason long-distance relationships make sense is because of all the ways we can communicate now. Imagine doing lockdown without phones?

I can’t even imagine it. I have a feeling you were also “God when-ing” during this interview.

Yes, I was. And it was a different type of “God when”. They’ve been together for 23 years, but they still sound so in love with each other. My heart was tight.

The ultimate “God when”.

Read about Frank and Enobong



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Zikoko Daily’s Top 3

My weirdest gig: I worked on a client’s profile

Amaka’s client must’ve been a Tinder Swindler wannabe because what in the inappropriate work request is going on here?

You have to read this

Nigerian women, we know what’s in your BDSM kits

What’s spanking without omorogun? Oh, you were thinking of fancy whips? Don’t bring that European nonsense into this ethnic household.

We know how to spice things up

Blessing is creating safe communities for girls through skating

For Creator Spotlight, Blessing talks about how she started Dencity as a community for girls who love doing what some people call a “masculine sport”.

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How Much Would You Be Worth As a Footballer?

This quiz said I’ll be used to do giveaway, and I’m not even offended. At least, I know who created the quiz. 👿

Take the quiz

Game of Votes is Coming!

At least, that’s what everyone kept saying in this video.

Today, everyone is clicking on:

For the Love of God, Don’t Wear Any of These Things to a First Date

If you don’t take any other thing from this list, please take that Oud perfume one seriously. Please.

🚀 Read it here

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