It’s the time of year when offices everywhere are planning end-of-year parties. Sure, it’s great to eat owambe rice at your employer’s expense, but is one plate of rice and two meat enough to cover all the stress they’ve put you through all year?

No, it’s not. And that’s why we need these things to start happening at these parties.

Games with actual rewards

And not every time power banks as competition gifts. What about letting the winner get more leave days or be CEO for a day?

Games that’ll help you let out your frustration

If you’ve been itching to slap the coworker who stresses you out the most, just play after-round-one with them.

Roast sessions

So you can ✨respectfully ✨ shade the coworkers you’ve been passive-aggressive with all year.

Slideshow of everyone’s browser history

I can bet there’d be so many “How to make money without working” search results.

Or Slack messages

Let HR read everyone’s Slack DMs out loud. A fight may break out, but at least, it’d be entertaining.

Salary exchange

Instead of secret Santa gift exchanges, allow people to exchange salaries for a month. Preferably with the CEO.

Talent shows

Maybe we can discover our real talents and escape modern-day slavery capitalism.

Just share money

Or — hear me out — just cancel the work party and give everyone bonuses instead. I promise you, everyone will agree.

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