If you read today’s Naira Life, you’ve probably been triggered. However, there is hope. We’ve put together a guide for you to figure out how to get your money up. And the first step is to find out if you are underpaid by your employer.

Come along on this journey:

1) You’re not earning in dollars

My brothers and sisters, wiun.

2) Reading Naira Life stories from Zikoko triggers you

Would the Naira Life stories trigger you if your boss was paying you well? Think about it.

3) Your boss supports Buhari

Birds of a feather [wicked people] flock together.

4) or likes Semo

This one is self explanatory.

5) Your boss has never encouraged you to japa before

It’s because they are making money from underpaying you and they want to kill you before Nigeria kills you.

6) Your colleagues look happy

Q: Why are they happy?

A: Because they all earn more than you do.

7) Your colleagues smell nice

Q: How can they afford perfumes?

A: Because they earn more than you do.

8) You are always doing addition and subtraction

You should be able to afford to buy chicken without trekking to work the next day, omo olope. You should also not be frowning if payday falls on a weekend because your money grows like grass.

9) You live in Nigeria

My brothers and sisters, game over.



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