The world may be on lockdown but it doesn’t mean that everything has come to a halt. If anything, the lockdown is forcing more companies to adopt online tools ensure that work continues smoothly. One of the implications is that instead of in-person interviews, we are seeing a shift to virtual interviews.

This is stressful because this is completely new territory for many people and when coupled with the Nigerian condition, it just seems like a clusterfuck waiting to happen.

If this sounds like you, worry not. We have the perfect hack to make sure you kill your online interview the way you would kill an offline one.

Let’s start:

1) Warn your parents not to ask you if you want to eat rice.

Banish all forms of distractions. Put your phone on silent, turn off notifications from your computer. If you live with your parents, this means telling them ahead of time that you have an important meeting. You don’t want your interviewer hearing them ask you if you want Amala and goat meat for breakfast.

2) Buy fuel in your generator.

Nepa can and will embarrass you. If you are unsure of how long the interview will last, turn on your generator. This is to make sure all your gadgets are sufficiently charged. God forbid a “your battery is too low for this call” pop-up.

3) Find the Perfect background.

Whatever background you are using for the interview, make sure it is tidy. It should be meticulously arranged in such a way that it doesn’t distract from what you have to say. If anything, it should make the call more visually engaging. You don’t want the interviewer focusing on your pile of dirty clothes instead of your great pitch on what you plan to bring the company.

“A good video call cheat is to put your laptop on a stack of books so that you’re looking at the screen at face level.” – Tomiwa.

4) Get multiple Internet Service Providers.

Internet providers can and will always move mad. A pro-tip is to have alternatives for a big interview. If one fails, you can easily move on to another one without flinching. Bad internet = bad audio and this can be frustrating for both parties.

5) Don’t slack on your appearance.

The same old rules still apply but are just slightly different. Make sure you look presentable during the interview. It can be as little as wearing a jacket and a shirt and sitting in your boxers. The part that can be seen must look at put together as possible.

Don’t dull.

6) Practice! Practice!

Staying at home and in your head can be very disjointing. To get in the flow for answering questions record yourself speak over and over again. Do this as many times as possible until you have the perfect story.

Also, because of low energy levels that staying at home causes, some form of exercise to shake off lethargy is helpful in setting your mood. Stretch before your interview to boost your energy levels.


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