All The Things You Shouldn’t Do While Working From Home

March 20, 2020

If you are doing remote work in this season, it’s very easy to fall for one or more of these deadly sins. However, we love you so much and that’s why we created this guide. This is to ensure that your remote experience doesn’t end in tears.

Don’t lie down for just “5 minutes”

It will end in tears. Especially if your bed is soft and you now have a rechargeable fan.

Try not to binge on food.

I am typing this from my 7th meal of the day.

It’s important not to forget to wash your hands.

Alexa, play handwashing ft sanitizer – RIP Miss Rona.

Don’t stay in one position all day.

Try to stretch from time to time and change positions throughout the day. You don’t want your back to give up on you.

Try not to take a “small” break on Social media.

* A few hours and 30 angry Slack notifications later*

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