Nigerian nurses go through a lot and are unappreciated. They work long hours and earn anyhow wages.

With that in mind, we asked them some of the things that must stop in 2020 and here’s what they said:

1) “I can’t show Nurse my bum bum.”

Sorry ohhh.

2) “You’re a Nurse, that’s big money abroad.”

Write IELTS for me na.

3) “Did you choose to study Nursing or Medicine?”

Vice-chancellor pls.

4) “I heard Nurses are good in bed.”

Better focus on your sickness.

5) “Come and check my B.p or temperature.”

That’s not my only job.

6) “Nurses are wicked.”

You and who?

7) “But the Doctor said…”

Will you keep quiet. We are a team and we have communicated.

8) “Aunty Nurse come to my house and chook me love injection.”

If I sound you.

9) “Your hand is painful.”

Let’s respect ourselves.


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