If you want to transform your LinkedIn page into a job seeking magnet for recruiters, follow these advice.

We have no proof that they work though.

1) Oversell yourself and what you do.

On LinkedIn,

Writer becomes content strategist.

Unemployed becomes motivational speaker/life coach.

Clueless becomes Nigerian politician.

To your bio add words like “changing the narrative of (insert) space.” “disrupting the market.”

If you contribute to a meeting involving several departments, add this: “Multi-disciplinary forward-thinking innovator.”

2) Always share a post.

It doesn’t even have to be relevant to your line of work.

Just add “found this interesting”, “you may benefit from this”, “feeling inspired.”

3) Ah. Follow up with useless inspirational quotes.

Aspire to perspire to desire et al.

It’s even sweeter if you add a personal story to add to it.

4) Constantly complain about your “problems.”

“If I keep getting connection requests on LinkedIn, I just might need to get an assistant. lol.”

5) How you are in real life vs How you must appear on LinkedIn.

Use the most responsible picture you have. Preferably one that has undergone the baptism of Photoshop.

6) Always remind people that LinkedIn is for serious minds only.

There you go.


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