Working from home has advantages as well as its disadvantages. The obvious ones is that some of the lies we use to avoid work can’t fly anymore.

Here are some of the excuses we can no longer use for now.

1) “I was late because of traffic.”

Traffic from my bed to the work station.

2) “I had to drop my kids in school.”

I am not lying.

3) “I have to leave early to attend P.T.A meeting.”

It’s a Zoom meeting pls.

4) “I have to leave early to beat traffic.”

The holdup around that my side is bad. Especially from work table junction to bed street.

5) “Bus broke down.”

Where bus = my motivation to work. Bus is me, I am bus.

6) “Police stopped me.”

It’s God that saved me.

7) “I had a flat tyre.”

Pls. Believe me.

8) “Bus took a wrong route.”

And we were warning the driver.

9) “Trailer fell.”

Ojuelegba is currently blocked.

10) “It rained.”

Water entered my house and I was packing it.


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