How Would You Collect Money Owed After A Breakup? – We Asked 5 Young Nigerians

February 5, 2020
Naira notes counted ask partner for money

Bitch please, better have my money.”

Let’s face it, finances are tricky. It can ruin relationships and it, in fact, has done so in the past. So, what happens when you lend cash to someone you regarded as your significant other but it doesn‘t work out?

What do you do then? Do you let it go? Break their heads out of transferred aggression? or do you call the authorities on them?

Well, seeing as we enjoy bringing you tea, we asked 5 people for what they would do/what they have done in the past.

Zikoko presents – The good, the bad, the hmmm.

No time to cry

If the breakup was amicable, I will give it some time because we are still friends I believe. However, if it’s a situation where I caught the bastard cheating or something, it’s on the spot oh. In fact, mid-thrust. I can’t be patient with that kind of person. Run me my kudi or I am taking legal actions.

Stockholm syndrome

I once dated one white boy that things didn’t work out with. After the break up he’d always be crying and all. To the extent of missing work and whatnot. Uncle, I understand that you are sad and all but I need my money. It was the weirdest couple of months because I needed cash for rent and other things and I had taken a loan from my siblings. That period made me miss the audacity of Nigerian men. At least Nigerian man will still be actively wicked after everything so I can collect my funds without feeling guilty.

Ole ni everybody

I am a man of peace so I let it go. Actually, to be honest, I cheated and I could not just bring myself to ask for anything. I mean my bank account is not the greatest but I see it as cheating tax. E dey happen. Don’t get me wrong, If she texts me to come to collect it today, I will run but I can’t be the one to ask or make the first move.

Oga police, wetin be dis?

There was this guy I was dating. Well, not really dating but we were talking a lot. I loaned him some millions for his “business” as per sister of good ladies unit in the church. That’s how I moved on to another serious bobo because he was dulling. Oyar, return my money. The first month, excuse. The second month, excuse. I just stopped replying his messages. One early Monday morning, I sent police to his house to pay him a friendly visit for old times’ sake. I don’t know who was more shook, me that I could do such a thing, or him that I could do such a thing.


Relationship, marriage, burial, end of the world. If we agree to a loan and not dash, you must return it. I don’t care what the circumstances are or what has changed. A deal is a deal. I feel the reason why many marriages/relationships have problems is that people do not keep to agreements. Most especially when the mood/emotion/moment has passed. You must grow up and be responsible for an agreement. Ahan.

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