10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Nigerian Women Can Give Instead Of Thoughtfulness

February 13, 2020

Valentine’s day is coming and Nigerian men are tired of the boxers agenda that has been making the rounds since 90B.C

As part of our C.S.R, we have curated a list of affordable yet sweet gifts for the sweet man in your life.

1) Sandals:

You definitely do not need to break the bank to make your Nigerian man look as sweet as he has the potential to be. Imagine this paired with freshly laundered native, he will forever thank and love you.

For less than N10,000, your man can be the sweetest today.

2) Native attire:

Your Nigerian king deserves only the best and you should treat him as such.

3) Perfume:

You can never go wrong with perfumes, and you don’t have to go over N10,000 before you find something that makes him smell like a million bucks.

4) Bracelets:

One of the best-kept secrets is by how much a man’s appeal is boosted by bracelets and other essentials. The beautiful part is they don’t cost too much.

5) Sunshades:

“See my dark shades on like I can’t see you but you know say me fancy you.” – Oluwaburna.

Everybody has pictured how badass they look in a pair of sunshades walking down the road. The beauty is that there are relatively affordable sunshades out there that will do the trick.

If he uses prescription lenses, you can throw in cool frames as a gift.

6) Shoes:

From sneakers to corporate shoes, the list is unending, The options are limitless.

7) Shirts:

Casual clothing, formal wear, pls. The list is too much and many are not overly expensive.

8) Gadgets:

Earphones, headset, new charger, new USB cord, new laptop battery, new fitness watch. Again? Not too expensive gifts.

9) Skincare products:

A couple that moisturizes together glows together. From lip balm for harmattan, to hand lotion, to body lotion to even shampoo. Depending on how willing he is, you can even throw in face cleanser and a face mask.

10) Pay for his DSTV subscription:

Don’t let him miss his favorite football matches or shows. Subscribe for either his DSTV, Netflix, or GoTv.

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