While some of us are still struggling to figure this money thing out, some people are already light years ahead.

If this is you, accept this post as our show of respect:

1. You don’t think about dollar-naira exchange rate before you make purchases

For context, the dollar-naira exchange rate is >₦500. Who are you?

2. When your ATM and other bank transactions fail, it’s never because of “insufficient funds”

You instinctively know that your bank is only moving mad, and you’re always right.

3. Unnecessary bank debits don’t even put you in a bad mood

Why will a ₦100 charge stress you? You just chalk it down to helping the poor, i.e the bank.

4. You have rent for 2-3 years sorted out already and you’re probably looking for a new apartment

You get the point already, don’t you? You are the rich, and you will make for a nice meal.

5. You don’t pause to do cartwheels when your salary enters

Other people don’t feel excited because they’re probably dead inside or have multiple bills to pay. But for you, it’s because you don’t even plan on spending the money that month.

6. When people talk about a rainy day, you’re genuinely confused about what it means

Your experience of a rainy day is when it actually rains, not when you’re broke (Because that never happens. Duh!)

7. Even when your savings is accessible, you don’t have a reason to dip into it


Then there’s the rest of us, counting down to the day when our locked savings will mature.


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