Over the years, people have been trying to figure out players just so they can successfully avoid them. This article is one step in the direction of knowing how to spot a man that will break your heart, from a mile away.

If a Nigerian man uses any of these body care products, pack your load and run.

1. Irish Spring

If you get to a Nigerian man’s house and you see Irish Spring in his bathroom, just pack your load and be going. If you see him as a potential partner, it will end in tears and you can’t say you didn’t see the signs because they were staring right at you in the form of a green bathing soap.

2. Anything cocoa butter

How will somebody be using cocoa butter in this heat if it’s not that they are fueled by wickedness.

3. Bod Man body spray

Many of them use it as a perfume. If you know any guy that uses Bod Man as his major perfume, just watch the number of women that come in and out of his life. Bod Man is cheap, but real players know the flavors to use to make women think they’re using Clive Christian.

4. Axe body spray

This one is for up and coming demons. After some time, they switch to Sure.

5. Any Old Spice product

This one is for the IJGBs, especially the ones that have just come back from the UK. Run o.

6. Vaseline

This one is just always in their house. They don’t use it to cream their bodies, but the thing will be reducing. What sort of sorcery is that?

7. Soul Mate hair cream

Yes. I said it.

8. Dax hair cream

At the initiation ceremony of Yoruba demons, Odudua gives each of them a jar of that green Dax cream. Once they run it on their heads, forget it, they can do whatever they want.

9. Head and Shoulders shampoo

You already know that this one is true.



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