If your Nigerian man does any of the following then we have urgent news for you.

Check it out below:

1) He sends Good Morning messages

This is his way of secretly checking to see that you’re where you said you slept. Stay woke sis.

2) He texts you throughout the day

He doesn’t love you sis, he’s just trying to kill your phone battery so you can’t text any other person.

3) He sends food to your office

The delivery man is a spy. Stay guiding and stand well.

4) He buys you the latest trendy gifts

There’s a microchip tracker in it so shine your eye well.

5) He’s always visiting you

Because there’s a mic in your house that’s recording all your conversations.

6) He’s cool with your siblings

Because he has recruited them against you. Your siblings are now equally yoked with the enemy.

7) He’s constantly doing anon for you on Twitter

He’s hoping that one day you’ll slip up and thank the wrong “anon.” God no go shame us.

8) He’s always kissing with his eyes open

This is to gauge your facial expression. If you don’t look happy, he’ll conclude that you’re kissing another person.

9) He’s fond of surprise visits/gifts

It’s not love. He’s just trying to surprise your other boyfriend. Plan yourself well.



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