If You’ve Ever Fallen Sick in A Nigerian Home, You Can Relate To This

November 3, 2016

1. When you wake up and feel that malaria playing dangerous games with your body

Is it me they’re doing like this?

2. So you go to your parent’s room, expecting this kind of treatment:

It’s only expected.

3. But they wake up like:

‘Ehen, why are you disturbing my sleep?’

4. And you’re just there, wondering if you entered the wrong room

Na wa oh.

5. But once mention headache like this, you”ll just hear ‘oya where is my anointing oil?’

‘These enemies think I’m here to play.’

6. But if it’s stomach pain, they can say: ‘so you’re the one that has been stealing my meat abi?’

‘I knew God would reveal it to me’

7. When you vomit and they make you clean it up yourself

But is this life?

8. Agbo is your best friend when you’re sick, what is a hospital?

9. If you don’t look like this, just forget about going to hospital oh

Until then, your mother is your chemist, doctor and nurse.

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