8 Things Nobody Tells You About Getting Your First Internship

October 18, 2018

Getting your first internship is right up there with the most important moments in your life. The idea of getting a salary alone is enough to get you excited.

There’s so much that you can’t know about joining the workforce until you’re deep in the system. We’re here to help you out because you know, we’re your guys and all that.

Your energy is almost as important as your output.

work hard
Nobody likes bad energy, especially when they are trying to get things done. Be the reason why people want to come in every day, not the one who’s always complaining about the colour of the dispenser.

You’ll usually have to do more than your job description

Things always come up that will require your skill or attention. It could be because someone’s not in, or you’re just great at doing that one thing.

Work never ends at closing time.

calm down
It’s not a bad thing. It just means as long as the world keeps spinning, more things always need to be done. It’s up to you to figure out managing your time.

Nothing can prepare you for the first time you break the dress code.

Oh, you thought this was like one of those American sitcoms where you can go from the club to the office. Do you need a hug?

At some point, one of your older colleagues will try to send you to buy amala

Shut it down immediately.  Managing relationships with your coworkers is very important. Some will be vital in the course of your career. Others just need to be kept at arm’s length.

There will be days when you have a shitload of work and your brain becomes shy.

Take a short walk or a nap. Do something to help your brain get some rest. If you find it’s more serious than that, take a day or two off from work. Even machines need some downtime.

Who you know is nearly as important as what you know.

You need to learn to build and maintain relationships with the people you meet. The guy in that sales meeting today could be the one who will epp your life in 10 years. Shake his hand and collect his number.

You can’t say goodbye to school… not yet.

Odds are the Bachelor’s degree that got you your internship will be as irrelevant as the Abacus in 4 years. Stay ahead of the curve. Enrol in courses. Read within and outside your field.

An internship could be your key to a fulfilling career so find a great place to work and be as diligent as you can.

If you’re in university and you want to know how it feels to be part of a great team.

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