Wizkid Lyrics For Every Situation You May Be In

December 11, 2015
Listening carefully to the Ojuelegba crooner – Wizkid, it is evident that most of his lines are answers to a lot of real life situations. Here are a few of them.

When your girlfriend is mad at you and locks you out.

Song: Scatter The Floor

When you attend an Owambe and the dance floor is popping.

Song: Pakurumo

When your friend keeps asking you how their face looks.

Song: Don’t Dull

“Are you sure you will be able to make it? I think there is traffic”.

Song: Shout Out

For those that keep saying “I think I am way too skinny”.

Song: Shout Out

When your visitors finally arrive after a long trip.

Song: Jaiye Jaiye Ft. Femi Kuti

When you get asked why your friend keeps going back to their ex.

Song: Ojuelegba

When you are trying to make it clear to someone you have been talking to what you want?

Song: In My Bed

When everybody finally understands what you have been going through.

Song: Show You The Money

Getting asked “How are you doing?”.

Song: Ojuelegba

When your friends ask if you can really pay for their expenses?

Song: Jaiye Jaiye ft Femi Kuti

When you are wondering what to do when you have a lot of money.

Song: Jaiye Jaiye ft Femi Kuti

And your wife asks what you are getting her as a Christmas gift.

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