If Your Mother Is Your Best Friend, You Can Relate

September 26, 2016

1. When your friends say you are too close to your mum.

Who asked you please?

2. When you start giving her gist but you realise it can get you in trouble so you say it’s about your friend.

Before you enter another wahala!

3. When she wants to follow you out, you’re like:

I love you ma, but no!

4. When she is angry with you and starts using your gist against you.

Is that how you used to do?

5. How your father looks at you and your mother when you start gossiping:

“Just look at you people!”

6. When your siblings start complaining she is giving you preferential treatment.

Please go and disturb your best friend leave mine alone!

7. When your mother’s friends from school come around and she forgets all about you.

What a cold, lonely world.

8. Both of you when her arch rival finally does oversabi and embarrasses herself.

Pele ma!

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