What Type of Bridesmaid Are You?

August 8, 2018

“Hello funke, I’m getting married and I’d like you to be on my bridal train” What? Me? Wow! I’m honoured. I can’t stop crying, wow I’m so happy.

That’s the first type of bridesmaid you’d find at every wedding. The extremely emotional one.

While Funke is crying, her friend is thinking of how she will meet Prince Charming at this wedding.

“And I’m sure her husband has fine friends o. Jehovah this is my time. This is it”

There’s also the bride’s best friend who is also her P.A throughout this wedding. This is the person who actually gets to decide who is on the bridal train.

She’s the assistant bride, and if she doesn’t like you. Sorry, your bridesmaid benefit is canceled.

You know those people you can never go shopping with because they never find anything they like? Yes, you will find them on the bridal train.

If you like pick 15 different clothes,  they would not like anyone. “This dress is too big o, no no that’s too small, but the colours are too much, lets have that one, too its too dull”

While the other bridesmaid is being dramatic with clothes. There’s one who just observes, because she has been on her bridesmaid duty for years.

And she knows the dress everyone picks is what you will still wear. Whether you like it or not.

There’s the bridesmaid who has suddenly taken the wedding planners job. She is everywhere and in everything.

Except her actual bridesmaid duty.

This persons only mission for the wedding is to catch the bouquet. So if they throw the bouquet and this next person doesn’t catch it.

Let’s just say things won’t end well.

There’s the one that’s friends with every and any one because she’s not bothered about husband or wife or dress or anything.

She just want’s to pop bottles and party.

The last person on this list is at this position because she is always late. For everything.

“Wait where’s Toke? She’s not here yet”

If you have ever been a bridesmaid. And you fall under any of these categories.

You’re a real G.

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