15 Struggles Of Every Nigerian Trying To Lose Weight

December 21, 2015
I recently started an Aloe Vera diet…

1. When you’re on a diet and all everyone around you seems to want to do is eat.

Jesus take the wheel!

2. When you promise yourself not to eat sugars. Then you basically only eat sugars.

I tried please.

3. When you first enter a gym and the low self esteem hits you. Hard.

Are these not people like me?!

4. When you awkwardly stand around the gym because you have absolutely no idea how to use a machine.

What are all these gadgets?!

5. When “that one person” follows you around the gym trying to give you advice on your form.

Who asked you?!

6. When you exercise and then get sweat in all the WORST places.

Wait, is that batman on my ass?

7. When you try a new workout and realize you have no clue what you’re doing.


8. When someone tries to get you to buy fitness tea.

Get away from me, Instagram Satan.

9. When you start a new 2-week diet but you end it 3 hours after you started.

I cannot come and die.

10. When you start hearing about all the foods that are bad for you.

Please kill me now.

11. When someone asks how your diet is going.

LMAO, you say?

12. When you tell yourself you need to lose weight but you end up gaining more.

Is this life?

13. When you have to listen to people brag about how hard they worked out or how much weight they lifted.

Oya, have a cookie.

14. This is you the day after leg exercises.

Can. Not. Walk.

15. When you tell yourself that losing weight is not by force, so you eat to your heart’s satisfaction.

Please don’t look at me.

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