7 Unusual Gifts Every Nigerian Girl Should Give Her Boyfriend This Valentine

Diamond Bank
February 13, 2017

1. Peace of mind

Take a small break from crucifying that brother, but resume again in March.

2. Privacy! Leave his phone alone!

A man has secrets, leave it like that.

3. Forget boxers and singlets, get him a fine sidechick

Or 2, so you’ll always know who your competition is.

4. Make him happy by shouting ‘I HAVE A BOYFRIEND’ to wahala boys

Does it matter that he has 3 side chicks on a low?

5. Don’t forget to give him time to chase other women

Sister, you’re not the only one, just free that guy.

6. If he’s not treating you right, gift him with your dissapearance

All he wants for Val is you. Gone.

7. Leave him alone with his game wahala

Let him spend the whole day playing it without nagging.

Or is that what he REALLY wants? Come sef, how much do you know about your bae?

Do you know him well at all??

Let’s test this love now now!

Ta da! Here’s the magic portal.

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