9 Extremely Hilarious Comedy Performances By Trevor Noah

February 12, 2016
South African Trevor Noah is the current host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. But apart from that, he’s a seasoned television and radio host, actor and standup comedian. These are the times he had us in stitches at his different shows.

1. When he talked about his trip to Melbourne, Australia.

2. When he imitated the voices of different airport ticket agents around the world.

3. When he compared South Africa’s national rugby and soccer teams.

4. When he shared his experience travelling during the Ebola crisis.

5. When he talked about traffic lights.

6. When he relates his customer service experience with a cashier.

7. His experience when the tables turned.

8. This joke about music censorship.

9. When he talked about sports in America.

Featured image via The Wrap.

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