All The Times You Didn’t Agree For Your Guilty Conscience

December 16, 2016

1. When you’re just tired and on the bus after working 7-7 and you see a pregnant woman looking for space

2. When a visitor gives you money to share with your siblings, as per oldest sibling, but you remember that jersey you want to buy

3. When you’ve done formation with your friends for exam, but the teacher separates you and puts you with Tunde that got 22/20 in the math test

4. When your guy’s babe knows he’s cheating and she asks you to tell her who the side-chick is

5. When you’ve finished promising your junior brother not to snitch for driving your parent’s car, then they say they’ll transfer the punishment to you

6. When you pinch the baby that has been disturbing you on the bus and she starts crying

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