12 Thoughts You Had When You Didn’t Do Your Homework In School

November 28, 2016

1. You, when it’s almost closing time on Friday and your class teacher has not mentioned ‘home work’

My weekend is going to be sweet!

2. You, when the teacher now announces there’ll be maths and English homework for the weekend

How did this teacher remember?

3. When you get home and try to do it, but inner you reminds you there’s plenty of time

Inner You : “My friend go and watch all the TV you’ve not watched since Monday jor”

4. When your mum calls you to do it on Saturday and you’re like

Mummy, please don’t disturb me o!

5. When it’s time to do it on Sunday, but you just finished Sunday rice so:

Let me quickly sleep small jare.

6. When you now wake up at 10 pm and everyone in the house is asleep

I have done myself o!

7. You, when NEPA takes the light just as you’re about to start your homework

Why is the devil testing me?

8. When you now start dreaming that your class teacher is caning you because of the homework

Hay God!

9. When you’re rushing to do the homework in the morning and your mum catches you

“Shebi I told you to do it since?”

10. When you get to school and one oversabi reminds the teacher of the assignment

But who asked you?

11. You, serving punishment with your other lazy classmates

See my life.

12. Next time the inner you tries to convince you to do your homework later, you’re like

Don’t kobalize me, please.

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