This Was Every Secondary School Classroom In Nigeria During Sex Education

June 7, 2017

1. This is how the students react when it is announced that there will be sex education classes coming up.

Giggles all around.

2. This is everyone in class when the sex ed class starts and the teacher says the word “sex” for the first time.

Violent giggles all around.

3. When the sex ed teacher proceeds to explain sexual intercourse in graphic detail like the students don’t already know.


4. When the sex ed teacher points at a boy and girl and uses them for an example.


5. This is how all the girls in class look at the boys when the topic of unwanted pregnancy comes up.

You better stay where you are.

6. This is how the class reacts when STDs are mentioned.

“LOL! What kind of name is Staphylococcus??”

7. This is the class when the STDs are properly explained with symptoms and are shown pictures of what the symptoms look like.


8. This is the teacher when the topic of contraceptives come up and the students start naming the different types.

“Hian! These children know more than me sha!”

9. The teacher’s face when he/she starts to explain condoms but the students have already started listing off the different brands.

This is the point where the teacher realizes that the students probably don’t need this sex ed class.

10. The students, when the time comes to explain how to properly wear a condom.

*muffled laughs*

11. The students’ faces when the teacher attempts to mention abstinence.

Loooool. Let’s not deceive ourselves.

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