All The Things That Happen When You’re Broke

November 15, 2016

1. All your debtors refuse to pick up your phone calls.

And later they will say you should help people oh!

2. All your creditors suddenly remember you exist.

Ah doesn’t the bible say you should forgive debt?

3. Everyone starts dropping aso ebi for you to buy.

So in this economy you people can still marry?

4. Your phone and laptop decide to stop working.

Ah! See the devil at work.

5. There is a NEPA surge and all your electrical appliances at home blow.

Enemies are at work.

6. All your friends suddenly want to go for lunch or dinner every other day.

You people don’t have rice at home?

7. Your siblings suddenly remember you’re their favourite sibling.

Everybody better recognise they are on their own oh!

8. Your church starts asking for supernatural giving.

It’s not me you people will kill!

9. People start coming to borrow even more money.

Do I look like someone that can even help myself?

10. Your next salary is so far way and has even already finished before you get it!

Life is not easy oh.

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