All The Things That Happen When Stubbornness Is Your Default Setting

November 9, 2016

1. When people think talking to you normally will change your mind, you’re like:

No thanks!

2. When people now try shouting and abuse like that one will convince you to change your mind.

You must be joking!

3. You, when a debate starts in class or in the office and you can show your talents.

On your marks…

4. When too many people agree with your opinion for your liking.

Hmm was I not contrary enough?

5. When people complain you are too stubborn, you’re like:

My friend will you get out of here before I embarrass you!

6. When you end up being right and everyone has to apologise to you!

Oya dobale!

7. When after all your stubbornness you are wrong, you’re like:

Well nobody is perfect!

8. When someone says stubbornness is not a virtue.

Okay! And so what?

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