All The Things that Happen When The Love Of Your Life Breaks Up With You

October 18, 2016

1. When they tell you they are no longer interested.

You must be joking!

2. When you try to talk about it and they insist the relationship is over.


3. When your friends hear about it, they’re like.

“You can see we are also crying with you.”

4. When your mother finds out, she’s like:

“Ah, ao what are we going to do now.”

5. When your arch nemesis finds out, she’s like:

Useless human being.

6. When someone that has a crush on you hears you are now single and decide to try his luck, you’re like:

My friend, you better get out of here!

7. When you see the love of your life tweet about “finding someone new”, you’re like:

I can become born again is that one okay?

8. When you see them with their new love, you’re like:

Replaced already?

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