The Woes of The DM

October 9, 2019

If you are a social media fiend then the phrase “slide into the DM” is not unusual but if you are not one for the dramas associated to direct messaging then you’d totally relate to these:

When an online merchant, who seeks your patronage, advertises their wares on posts ending with “DM for price.”

Are you bloody kidding me? Who does that? So, I’m supposed to stress myself because I want to buy something from you?

When someone slides into the DM’s to shoot their shot…and misses.

Abeg, which one is; “advice me on how to get to know you better?”

That dreaded broadcast message that flies into your DM asking you to join a group or take a survey that is totally unrelated to your interest.

The battalion of follow up messages when the first DM gets ignored.

This DM slider can only be stopped by being blocked!

Getting a message with no context, no introduction, no explanation, nothing except; “Hi.”

And the ones with too much audacity who proceed to give you nicknames and a promise of your future with them

…and how y’all will tell your kids about your first Instagram date, your Twitter honeymoon, and oh your first anniversary at SnapChat ville

Alright, there you have it folks. The streets of social media are cray-cray but there are sure to always keep you intrigued, I know I always am. Lemme go slide into someone’s DM and annoy the heck outta them..

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