14 Pictures You’ll Relate To If You Are Living The Generator Life

August 3, 2016

1. When you were born into the NEPA struggle:

God, why not the abroad na?

2. Your generator’s best friend:

Except when there is fuel scarcity sha.

3. How you feel when your parents allow you to put on the gen before 7pm.

We are living lavish.

4. When you are about to put on your gen for the night and they bring light.

See what God can do.

5. You, checking that house everyone uses to know if they have brought light.

Their own gen is never on.

6. When they bring light and none of your neighbours come to tell you.

Is it like that you used to do?

7. When NEPA shows its true colours.

I knew it was too good to be true

8. You, sitting in the dark and waiting for them to bring the light back:

I’m sha not risking it again.

9. When they bring light and nobody in your house wants to go and change over.

It’s not me sha

10. You, when your generator dies in the middle of the night.

Who is doing me from the village?

11. When your generator dies but your neighbour’s own is still on.

It will now be sounding louder than normal.

12. When you put on the small gen but you forgot to turn off the AC.

The struggle.

13. How you look at your generator when the rope cuts:

Hay God!

14. When you realize your phone wasn’t charging and it’s time to put off the gen.

Kuku kill me.

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