The Day I Got Tired Of Being A Bloody Pedestrian

October 6, 2016

1. So one day I was on my way to work.

2. Something I do without having to think too much on most days.

3. But on this day, I suffered more than usual.

4. First of all I was squashed in the bus between 2 arguing market women.

5. By the time I came out I was smelling like stockfish and all my clothes were rumpled.

6. I now had to dance atilogu on the road.

7. Because it had rained heavily and that was the only way I could avoid the puddles everywhere.

8. I succeeded.

9. I was almost at the office, victory was in sight.

10. All I had to do was cross the road.

11. That’s how a danfo came out of nowhere and splashed water from one big puddle on me.

12. That’s the day I knew by force by fire I needed a car.

13. Because I could have avoided the shame and disgrace.

14. Somebody, give me a car please!

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