What Will 1 Million Naira Do In Your Life Right Now?

Imagine you picked up your phone right now and saw a credit alert – 1 million naira. What will you do with it?

We asked these 10 Nigerians what 1 million Naira will do in their lives right now and their answers were very interesting.

“1 million naira would help me jumpstart a side hustle or get a car for uber or land for agriculture. Nobody would know I have the 1 million abi?” – Ayoola

Because financial freedom is bae.

“Hayyy. I’ll use it for rent and to get a Macbook. Oh and to fix my car too” – Folarin

One million can help you fix up your life.

“Omo nothing actually apart from saving for a new car” – Pepo

How long do you want to be about that bus life?

“Mennn…I will first of all go somewhere like Hard Rock and get drunk to calm my navs. Then I’ll buy car.” – Sade

Because you just can’t come and die.

“I’ll buy music equipment and become a DJ on weekends sha because I have a full time job please” – Bankole

Just see the way DJ Cuppy is flourishing.

“I’ll use it to pay for an MBA, straight up” – Biodun

School fees is expensive please.

“Travel as far as it’ll take me” – Toke

Have you seen the price of tickets?

“Ermm…not much, but it will be good cash to invest” – Dayo

Shey Dangote started from somewhere too.

“Bills, bills, bills” – Sudeen

Can’t let Nigeria come and kill you.

“Resign from my job first and foremost, then maybe invest some of it” – Eniola

Who has time for a 9-5 when you are a millionaire.

“I’ll use it to start processing relocation papers immediately” – Olanrewaju

Canada loading.

“Plenty! Where do I collect this money please?” – Tomiwa

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