20 Of Our Favourite Songs From Korean Dramas

March 27, 2016
Unforgettable original sound tracks (OST) and Korean dramas are practically inseparable. These songs are an essential part of the overall viewing experience, helping us connect with the characters and their emotions. From moving ballads to upbeat tracks, these are our favourite K-drama music.

1. “Because I’m Stupid” by SS501

This song was basically the anthem for the drama Boys Over Flowers.

2. “Love Is” by Park Jang Hyun & Park Hyun Gyu

This was Cha Eun-sang and Kim Tan’s song in The Heirs.

3. “My Destiny” by Lyn

?You are my destinyyyyyy? Who gets vivid flashbacks of the fantastic chemistry between Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi whenever this song plays? Beautiful song from You From Another Star.

4. “Paradise” by T Max

Everytime we heard this song, it reminded us of Boys Over Flowers and vice versa. As cheesy as it was, we still loved it.

5. “Touch Love” by Yoon Mi Rae

A beautiful ballad from Master’s Sun OST. So many feelings all packed into a four minute song. It’s just too much to handle!

6. “Growing Pains” by Cold Cherry

This was Choi Young-do’s song in The Heirs.

7. “Best Luck” by Chen of EXO

The theme song for It’s Okay, That’s Love, this song will stay with you for a long time.

8. “Crazy of You” by Hyolin

Another track for the Master’s Sun drama. It’ll definitely give you the feels.

9. “Moment” by Changmin of 2AM

Another song rom the drama Heirs. Love is the moment. Enough said.

10. “Cross My Mind” by Twinforks

From the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. This song will bring a smile to your face.

11. “Goodbye My Love” by Ailee

From Fated To Love You. Ailee, as usual, delivers exceptionally.

12. “Suddenly” Kim Bo-kyung

From the drama City Hunter. It was really hard choosing a favourite, because all the tracks are excellent.

13. “Passionate to Me” by Younha

Recorded for the drama Pinocchio, this song is the perfect backdrop to Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye‘s romance, creating a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

14. “Back in Time” by Lyn

From Moon Embraces The Sun, this song captures the feeling of young love in the drama.

15. “Fight the Bad Feeling” by TMax

Another song from Boys Over Flowers. This song makes you want to rip your heart out and is oddly catchy at the same time.

16. “Nothing” by Just

This is the best song off the Lie to Me OST, because this song belongs only to Ki Joon and Ah Jung. It explains their love story.

17. “Grey Paper” by Yesung

Contributed by Super Junior’s Yesung to That Winter, the Wind Blows. It portrays the sad love between the characters Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo.

18. “You’re So Beautiful” by Kim Junsu

For the drama Scent of a Woman. Junsu’s magical voice made this song beautiful.

19. “Because I Miss You” by Jung Yong Hwa

From Heartstings OST, Yong Hwa’s voice was just so amazing.

20. “That Man” by Hyun Bin

This is the best song from Secret Garden. It has two versions – female and male. And Hyun Bin’s is better.

What are your favourite Korean drama songs?

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