16 Things Nigerians Who Attended Social Night In Secondary School Will Get

May 6, 2016

1. When the house master says social night won’t hold again.

Edakun sir.

2. When it’s social night and they lock you and your guys in the hostel.

God forbid bad thing.

3. You and your squad turning up in the mufti you snuck in.

Baddest guys.

4. When all the couples are grinding but your single ass is just there like:

See my life.

5. When you finally get to dance with your crush and a senior comes to chance you.

Don’t do this.

6. Social night at all-boys schools be like:

Let’s manage.

7. When your efforts are not being appreciated.

8. When the whole set shares one lipstick for that night.

We must slay by force.

9. Your face, when one junior boy tries to grind you.

Who is this one?

10. When you see girls coming to social night with their novels.

Behave yourself.

11. When all the girls are fronting and dancing with only themselves.

Is it fair?

12. When a guy is rocking the only babe that’s down to dance and he is wasting time.

Move na.

13. When someone turns off the light in the hall.


14. When the night starts getting sweet and you hear “all junior boys to your hostels.”

Hay God!

15. You, after dancing with the hottest senior in your school.


16. When petty seniors punish you for getting grinds when they didn’t.

Is it my fault you’re a skrep?

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