16 Signs You Are Ripe For Marriage

April 11, 2016

1. When you go about starting a conversation with “As someone who is ripe for marriage”

Over ripe sef.

2. When you’ve enrolled in marriage counselling but you’re still single.

I’m starting for both of us. My husband can join me when I find him.

3. When you start randomly wearing rings on your left hand.

Lol! Please engage me.

4. When you’ve been a bridesmaid 15 times.

Ejoor. Me too I want to marry.

5. And caught the bouquet 14 times.

I caught it…again!

6. When people around you get engaged and you feel the need to update bae about them.

“Very nice ring too!”

7. When you’ve watched ‘Lord of the Rings’ with your bae like 6 times and they still haven’t gotten the hint.

Till I shout it in your face abi?

8. When you go to the mall and you take bae past the ring shop more than once but they still don’t get.

Tori Olorun, buy ring now?

9. When your instagram feed is full of Bella Naija weddings and aso-ebi Bella.

I’m ready.

10. When you dedicatedly trended the #seizethebae2015 and #commitorcomot2016.

Yes! Seize me, please.

11. When everytime your bae buys you a gift in a box, your heart skips a beat.

But then you open it…

12. When more of your friends are getting engaged and it’s upsetting you more and more.

I hope you’re miserable happy.

13. When every white dress starts looking like a wedding dress.

Is this a sign, Lord?

14. Everytime bae bends down, you assume it’s a proposal.


15. When someone asks you out but all you want to do is skip dating and go straight to engagement.

It’s getting late abeg.

16. At this point, you don’t mind if someone tosses the ring at you as proposal. Sha propose.

Oya now!

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