Check Out The Most Amazing Nigerian Pre-Wedding Shoots We’ve Seen So Far!

November 25, 2015

1. This Sango-inspired one.

2. This movie.

3. This beach-inspired one.

4. This one too.

5. This regal one.

6. This dreamy one.

7. This pretty park-themed one.

8. This vintage-styled one.

9. This kitchen-themed one.

10. This one inspired by Friends…

11. And How I Met Your Mother.

12. And Game of Thrones.

13. This one taken underwater.

14. This long distance-themed one.

16. This village-inspired one.

17. This London-inspired one.

18. This garden-themed one.

19. This music video.

20. This one that goes back to the 60s.

21. This one inspired by Love and Basketball.

22. This kente-themed one.

23. This retro-themed one.

24. This art gallery-inspired one.


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