13 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To The Big Boys And Girls That Live On The Island

September 9, 2016

1. How all your friends see you.

‘Money speaking!’

2. How you drive to work on the mainland because everyone in Lagos is facing traffic, but you’re against it.

Nothing like go slow here!

3. When your friends working on the island are using your house as hotel.

I did not send you people to be living on the mainland oh!

4. When you buy something on the island and the price is x 100.

You people don’t have the fear of God !

5. When you tell potential boyfriends you live in VGC.

“Ah! This one is not our mate o!

6. When you discover one very cheap shop on the mainland.

Thank God o!

7. Your face when you have to travel all the way to the mainland on the weekend.

What rubbish?

8. When all your friends are living on the mainland.

So lonely.

9. When you get a job on the island and your boss thinks you should resume 7 am, because you ‘live nearby’.

I’m not on seat, Sir!

10. You, when mainland people start hating because you get to attend all the cool events.

Haters gon hate.

11. When one toaster says he lives in Ikorodu.

Uncle, call me when you move to Lagos!

12. When Epe and Lakowe people are forming ‘Island’ too.

Keep deceiving yoursef!

13. When one small rain starts, and every where turns into River Niger!

See stress!

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