How To Be The ‘Perfect’ Nigerian Husband

June 21, 2016

1. You must be ready-made before you even start speaking to your wife-to-be.

Nobody wants to ‘grow’ with you, better go and be on Forbes Africa.

2. If you are having financial issues, keep it to yourself.

Exactly. Suffer by yourself, biko. If it is to steal so your wife doesn’t know there are financial issues, then do it.

3. You are a man, you are not allowed to show emotion or be vulnerable.

Cry? Be sad? God forbid. You are a man. You are a rock. Swallow your feelings and just exist.

4. All your wife’s relatives are now your responsibility.

From the ones in the city to the ones in the village, it is now your work to feed them.

5. You are not allowed to lose your job.

You can never have any problems at work and even if you do, just keep it yourself.

6. If your wife earns more than you, you have officially failed as a man.

Why should she be making more than you? It doesn’t matter whether her job is better, you should just make more.

7. You are financially responsible for EVERYTHING in the house, regardless of your wife’s income.

Your wife’s salary is only for her, yours is for everyone.

8. You should not know the price of anything around the house, it’s not your business.

Just drop the money and go.

9. You never want your wife to feel neglected, so don’t do too much around the house.

After all, the home is her first responsibility and you don’t want to put her out of her ‘work

10. PTA and Open Day don’t concern you, that’s what your wife is for.

Your work is to pay for school fees, what the children do after that does not concern you.

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